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Vivienne Westwood - Fashion Designer

Vivienne Westwood began her fashion and jewelery studies in 1958 in London.

In 1971 she opened the first shop in King's Road which, over the years, changed several names until it took the name of Sex, 3 years after her, in her sexy and fetishistic moment.

In the seventies Vivienne Westwood helped to create the punk style, with extravagant and provocative creations, introducing leather and rubber as unconventional materials.

With the corset she introduces a design that shapes the body and enhances the hips, together with the crinoline (rigid cage structure to support the skirts), the padding and shoes with vertiginous heels.

She caused a scandal by using lingerie as an outerwear, with bras worn over her dresses.

The stiletto shoes created especially for Sex in 1974 by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren subverted the conventional court shoes, adding aggressive heel spikes and discreet ankle cuff detail wich skilfully elongates the line pf the heel and it turn leghtens the leg.

Cited by Kate Moss' all the time favorite shoes, this iconic style has been re-issued from the Vivienne Westwood archive for the S/S 2019 in black and beetle blood red calf leather, this iconic Sex Court Shoes collection is detailed with metal spikes for a punk and fetish aesthetic.

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