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Valentina, Guido Crepax - Comix

Valentina is an Italian comic strip series, created in 1965 by the Italian artist Guido Crepax and concluded in 1996.

Originally a minor character working for the comic hero Neutron, Valentina became the sole protagonist of the series in 1967. Valentina Rosselli, whose appearance is inspired by silent film actress Louise Brooks, is a Milanese photojournalist.

Her boyfriend, Philip Rembrandt, the super-hero Neutron, has the ability to paralyze people, animals or machines he has seen in the flesh or pictures. Later a child was born to Philip and Valentina, Mattia. The character Valentina was born on December 25, 1942 in Milan and grew older during the series, the last episode of which was published in 1995. As the time passed, in Valentina's stories Crepax abandoned the fantasy-science fiction or detective themes of the beginning, introducing a complex, weird mix of erotism, hallucinations, and dream. The strips also dealt with bisexuality, autoerotic ecstasy, super-sensual abandon, and sadomasochism. Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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