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Tom of Finland vodka - Actuality

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka is made in small batches with love and care by Master Distiller Mika Mönkkönen at Lignell & Piispanen, Finland's second oldest family-run company.

This vodka is 100% organic and contains no added sugar. Tom of Finland organic vodka is distilled five times and filtered through traditional foil filters. With vodka this good, carbon filtering isn't necessary.

Tom of Finland was a true pioneer who, 50 years ago, designed a world based on his ideals. His art transcends the physical realm and speaks to universal emotions, showcasing a whimsical and unbridled spirit that exists in all of us.

The Finnish artist has influenced the aesthetics of icons such as Freddie Mercury and trends such as the modern civil rights movement. Today his work is featured in galleries and museums around the world, in pop culture and film.

The proceeds of each purchase are donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation, a non-profit foundation set up by Tom and his friend Durk Dehner in 1984 to preserve the catalog of the artist's works and to educate the public on the cultural merits of erotic art , promoting healthier and more tolerant attitudes towards sexuality.

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