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Tinto Brass - Adult Film Director

Tinto Brass is an Italian director, screenwriter, editor and writer, considered the master of Italian erotic cinema.

Sex and its particular relationship with power and money becomes the central theme of Salon Kitty (1975), his first erotic film.

The propensity for the grotesque distinguishes Action (1979), a mocking and autobiographical reflection on the relationship between art and pornography.

In 1983 Brass turned The Key with Stefania Sandrelli, then gradually moving towards an increasingly casual treatment of the taboos of eroticism. This film, which had a good success with audiences and critics, made Tinto Brass enter the Olympus of this film genre, however making his figure very controversial, especially among feminists who reproached him for a certain consideration of women as an object, and more traditionalist social classes.

The return to more explicit and enjoyable eroticism occurs with Paprika (1991).

The spicy discussions and the heated controversies aroused by his feature films contribute to making his leading actresses famous.

In a recent interview he declared: "My films are a way to continue to proclaim my dissent against Power, the bourgeois respectability, the hypocrisy of a society that is still extremely bigoted, in which sexual morality continues to be the instrument for to stigmatize people in a negative way ".

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