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Thierry Mugler - Fashion Designer

Thierry Mugler was born in Strasbourg, he left for Paris to pursue the dream of dance. Instead, he will be seduced by fashion and his creations today are part of the history of costume, influencing generations of creatives after him. Mugler based his fashion on the cult of the body and on the exaggerated silhouette, sculpted by cyborg-style clothes, straight out of a post apocalyptic film.

What made Mugler's style unmistakable was the work on the "inverted triangle" silhouettes: broad shoulders, slim waist, curves shaped by futuristic dresses. The garment that contained the quintessence of vision was the corset: bustiers become armor, weapons of defense and seduction. Mugler's shocking fashion shows combined high fashion and BDSM quotes: he loved leather, latex and unconventional fabrics, capable of wrapping and sculpting his creatures.

He was also a photography enthusiast and in 1988 released his first photo album with pictures of his travels. The second book was later published, Fashion Fetish Fantasy, the title that much more accurately reflects his work in fashion.

Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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