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The Japan love dolls - Actuality

The love dolls. It takes little imagination to understand what we're talking about, but in Japan the historic manufacturer of these sex toys, Orient Industry, is fighting for its creations to be considered real works of art. On the other hand, it must be admitted, we are not dealing with a cheap inflatable plastic doll, but with unique, handcrafted pieces, with features designed down to the smallest detail... And it is no coincidence that among the 26 employees of the Tokyo factory there are real and its own artists, sculptors, make-up artists, many of whom have successfully followed an academic path.

And even the buyers of these Japanese artificial beauties are no longer what they used to be: no longer men looking to satisfy some whim, but also shops that want to use them to set up shop windows, clubs that need to complete original furnishings, photographers and so on. Street.

To clear the love dolls, Orient Industry took the opportunity of its fortieth anniversary. The company was founded in 1977 by Hideo Tsuchiya, a former owner of a sex shop who, tired of hearing his customers' complaints about the inflatable dolls he had for sale, decided to sell the shop and reinvest the proceeds to start the production of stronger, more durable and… shall we say comforting dolls. Here, for the 40th anniversary of the Orient Industry has organized a three-week exhibition in the capital that recounted the evolution of its dolls over the last four decades, an exhibition that, as reported by the Japan Times, has attracted over ten thousand visitors .

«In reality, the exhibition was visited more by women than by men», said Junpei Oguchi, representative of the Japanese company, «there were young and old, a truly transversal audience. I think people came to the exhibition because they heard how beautiful our dolls are."

Orient Industry wants to definitively free itself from prejudices and claim the quality, even artistic, of its products. The love dolls they produce can cost between 2,200 and 5,300 euros, have removable heads, have realistic genitals, the silicone skin is soft to the touch, the joints of the limbs are fully flexible, the hair is real and there there are many other small details and finishing touches to give the illusion of reality.

“When the company started production, the faces of the dolls looked like those of the mannequins,” added Oguchi, “now we have people who work only on the faces, modeling them with care. In 2001 we started using silicone and thanks to the make-up the dolls look much more realistic than before. Increasing the quality of the materials used has made us take a big leap forward».

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