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Simon Thaur - Adult Film Director

Simon Thaur born in Austria in the 60's, began playing as a teenager.

He he meets his current partner Kristen Kruger and in 1984 they founded the KitKat Club, the first Berlin trance club where you can have sex in public. The success is global and the KitKat blows out 28 candles this year.

In 1999 Thaur created SubWay, his porn production company, whose first films were shot in the club, with an audience as the protagonist. Then he continued filming at the KitKat but during the day, developing a style based on his "ability to communicate with the female gender": evidently consenting girls, sympathetically brutalized by a gang of bad guys headed by him in a crescendo that crosses many genres.

The parable of his films faithfully reflects that of his desire: Sex Trance Bizarre (27 films) the first serie, documented the atmosphere of the KitKat, with the series Experiment: "Ausgeliefert Sein" (61 films) the Thaur style was born, which develops in various directions, all related to his curiosity.

In "Breaking Taboos" (15 films) he has sex on the street until he is arrested: for the "Avantgarde Extrem" serie (56 films)Thaur takes the camera in hand and raises the bar with the direction, remaining present in the films only in voice (and sometimeswith his hands). But it's in the "Portrait Extrem" serie (18 films), that Thaur breaks one of the taboo of the industry, coprophilia and then ends his career in the world of porn with "In 3 Bengel fur Charlie" (34 films).

Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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