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Mistress Antoinette - Performer

Jeanette Zinkan aka “Mistress Antoinette” was a fashion designer, publisher, film maker, event producer and writer. She was the founder of Versatile Fashions making corsets and pvc garments, producer of the ‘Dressed to Thrill Ball’ that featured burlesque artists like Dita Von Teese, and writer of the memoir “Tied Up With Love”. With her beloved husband Dr. Dick Zinkan aka “Master Zorro” she also created “Reflections” the magazine of the exotic lifestyle, as well as a line of fetish and B&D videos. Her company became famous for its line of authentic wasp waist corsets which crossed over into the mainstream and were the first of that kind sold by Victoria’s Secret, whilst their bullet bras and costumes influenced, and were worn by, celebrities and rockstars such as Madonna. In short Mistress Antoinette is the person most responsible for bringing fetish dressing out of dark closets and into the light, sparking the public’s imagination.

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