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Mark Bryan - Fashion Influencer

Mark Bryan 62 years of American origin but who lives in Berlin, is a robotic engineer, straight, married, three children, and is the grandfather of four grandchildren.

He is a person who in a striking way goes against gender stereotypes, one of the most incisive phrases of him is "clothes have no sex".

For five years now, every day of his life, to go to work, shop, or simply walk, Mark mixes the clothes wearing over the men's jacket, under the pencil skirt and wearing shoes with 12 heels.

He is definitely a nonconformist person, outside the box who certainly does not fear the judgment of others.

Those who mistake him for effeminate, gay, or a change in sexual orientation, are wrong, because Mark is carrying out a crusade, the one against gender stereotypes.

He has always admired women, not for their sexual orientation, but for the way they wear tight skirts and high heels.

This eccentricity of him led him in a short time to become a web star.

Bryan argues that the skirt should not be an exclusively female piece of clothing, as the tie should not be worn only by men. Mark, who has jackets and ties in his closet, but also skirts, tights and high heels, has become a true influencer for both men and women, even if he doesn't feel like one.

Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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