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Marilyn Manson - Singer

Marilyn Manson is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and painter, known for being the frontman of the band of the same name, of which he is the founder and the only permanent member. Her stage name was created by juxtaposing the first and last names of two iconic American figures of the 1960s (the actress Marilyn Monroe and the criminal Charles Manson) in order to emphasize the bizarre dichotomy of society as a critic and simultaneously a praise for the United States and its culture. His controversial behavior and the controversy due to his lyrics and music videos led him to have a great impact on the public and on the collective imagination. Since childhood he has had a rather strange and very eventful life: in his autobiography My long road from hell, he tells of the sexual perversions of his grandfather (including zoophilia and sadomasochism) of which he becomes aware, together with his cousin Chad, finding pornographic magazines of all kinds, fake dicks, red light movies and women's underwear in the cellar of the house. His grandfather's cellar represented for him a dark and infernal place, which frightened him a lot but at the same time intrigued him. Marilyn Manson is the front man of the American rock band Marilyn Manson, from 1989 to today. He has been most popular in the music scene from the mid-90s to early 2000s. He is a controversial figure due to his anti-religious lyrics and unfiltered sexuality. Many critics refer to his live performances and music videos of him as obscene and offensive. This is one of the reasons why he appeals to the public about him. He encourages people to be themselves, regardless of how others feel. Thinking for you and expressing yourself is an inspiration for Manson. His career was always heavily criticized: Marilyn Manson celebrates the performance of sexual deviance, which rejects the dominant ideals of heteronormativity and gender binaries, and is accepted and demonized by critics. Rock critics who are more liberal and accept the rock star lifestyle, like Rolling Stone Magazine, are Manson fans. But more conservative critics, such as Fox News and religious groups, fear it will have a negative effect on society. Controversial aspects of Marilyn Manson's public image include satanic worship, BDSM, bisexuality, cross-dressing, drug use, group sex, androgyny, and self-harm. He uses predominantly sexual imagery during live performances and makes erotic fetish music videos to express his sexuality about him. Marilyn Manson is a conceptual performative artist who claims that her intent is "to make fun of gimmicks, to do something that was more false than anything that was false". The sexual and religious imagery is a satirical performance and a personal life choice that intends to lead the audience to question your personal beliefs and how those beliefs are formed. He is criticized for encouraging children to indulge in drugs, sex, self-harm and suicide. Manson is openly committed to drug use and has called drugs an "amusement park for adults". He started cutting himself in high school and often cuts himself during his performances to show people his pain. This is then sexualized and fetishized by his audience. Marilyn Manson challenges the gender binary by dressing in disguise or androgynous clothes and wearing makeup. “I do my makeup like a girl does. I always have the trick ”. Marilyn Manson dons her androgynous clothes and makes up for photo shoots for music magazines, such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Being on the cover of the most popular music magazine helps Manson create an image of deviant androgynous sex. This commercial gave him new fans and critics to celebrate and demonize his non-heteronormative sexuality. A controversial music video only heightened the deviant sexual image of him. In 2003, Manson produced his music video for the song he (S) aint. The video was labeled art, obscene, erotic, pornographic and disturbing due to sexuality, drug use and self-harm. In the video, he uses cocaine and heroin and cuts himself. The bloody nose and agitated movements after the effects of the drugs are gone are a comment on the side effects of the extreme drug use that comes with being a wealthy sex symbol. He cuts himself aggressively sexually and plays with his blood to show that he's fetishizing pain, which is part of BDSM. There are some BDSM uses of images, along with other deviant sex acts. The women are tied up and gagged waiting for him to come and have sex with them, which celebrates BDSM acts. There is group sex with men and women, which rejects the dominant Christian values ​​about sex between a man and a woman. Group sex includes homosexual acts that aren't usually featured in music videos. Queer sexualities are normally ignored in pop culture. Manson has a character in the video that starts out as a woman and turns out to be a real man. This transition begins with Manson touching himself while touching an actress. Subsequently, the actress is replaced with a transvestite actor who plays the same character. Manson sees the switch happen and realizes that he is a man, but he does not stop touching the man or himself. This is a comment that in his alternate sexuality the person's gender is not important for sexual pleasure. The source of sexual pleasure is not from the person; it is from the act itself. Manson's sexual images attempt to normalize fetishes by giving the viewer permission to desire "the other". His queer and alternative sexuality has received critical attention.

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