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Jean-Paul Gautier - Designer

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a French fashion designer.

Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, Gaultier never attended schools for stylists [1] [2]. Instead, he started sending sketches directly to high fashion designers ever since he was very young. Pierre Cardin was impressed by his talent and hired him as an assistant in 1970. His first collection was made and his irreverent style began to appear in 1981. He was in fact known as the enfant terrible of French fashion for a long time. . Many of Gaultier's later collections are based on street wear, focusing on popular culture. Her haute couture collections are very formal but at the same time unusual and cheerful.

In the 1990s, Jean-Paul Gaultier produced many costumes for Madonna and also worked with Wolford Hosiery. He popularized the use of skirts, especially the use of kilts for men. He has sometimes caused a shock by using unconventional models for his shows; such as the elderly, overweight models or models with many piercings or tattoos. He still continues to play traditional gender roles during performances. This resulted in him having both great popularity and criticism.

In 2016 he made over 500 costumes for THE ONE Grand Show magazine show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.

In the S / S 2016 collection, Jean Paul Gaultier proposes the same atmosphere of sexual promiscuity on the catwalk, strictly in a chic key, that was breathed in what was the French version of the famous Studio 54.

His iconic bosses were:

* Pointed bra

The first bra with pointy breasts Gaultier created it for the Nanà teddy bear. «I was just six years old: I cut out two rounds of paper and put them on Nana's chest. I wanted a doll, but my parents wouldn't let me. I created the first transgender teddy bear ». He revealed in an interview.

Many years later it will be Madonna who made the corset with conical breasts iconic (or vice versa?) By wearing it during her legendary Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. And an artistic partnership between the designer and the pop star began, destined to mark the history of the costume .

* Men's kilt

Platinum blonde hair, kilt, and that blue and white Breton striped t-shirt that will become her uniform. It was his quirky look that struck Pierre Cardin who decided to give him a chance. At the age of 18 Jean-Paul Gaultier began his career as a stylist in the master's atelier.

* Genderless style

Gaultier broke down the barriers between masculine and feminine, mixing her and his wardrobes, masculinizing women and making men wear skirts. Memorable in this regard is the 1985 collection, a forerunner of the genderless style, with the significant title "a wardrobe for two".

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