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"Il Feticista" newspaper - Culture

A mission to "rediscovery of the foot" this is the intention that the actress Franca Kodi (born Francesca Codispoti) and the journalist Franco Vichi (former founders of the cultural association "Dear vinyl...dear cinema" located in Rome) established by giving birth to the quarterly magazine "IL FETICISTA", almost 20 years ago. "IL FETICISTA" is aimed mainly at those who adore female feet, but do not neglect other forms of fetishism such as that for "genre cinema" and the rare posters up to the records (obviously in vinyl), with particular attention to the old soundtracks from the 60s/70s, a true object of worship and veneration by many collectors.

In the first issue of this beautiful quarterly we find specials on cult films such as "Spiaggia libera" by Marino Girolami, amateur photos from the 50s (very hot!), the biography of the porn star Karin Gambier and more Jane Mansfield, a nice interview with director Luigi Snapshots and a series of ultra-rare covers of vintage 45s and 33s. Last but not least, a series of breathtaking (and ultra-fetish!) photos of the provocative Franca Kodi, the true erotic driving force of the magazine. With the second issue, the magazine of the award-winning company Kodi/Vichi confirms the excellent start... Ample photographic space dedicated to the beautiful Federica Tommasi (recently interviewed by yours truly on "Palcoscenico"), one of the stars of "Fallo" by Tinto Brass, in his first fetish service, during which the blonde actress also launches into a hot "foot-job"... Then again splendid photos of the "divine" Franca Kodi who shows us her aphrodisiac extremities and the columns "The feet of the readers" (with Maddi, photographed by the great Johnson Righeira!!) and “The Footfinder”.

In addition, rare images of pin-ups and sexy actresses of the "che fu" cinema, a retrospective on Merry Anders (the most beautiful feet of the American b-movie), an interview with actress Piera Arico and more ... hot photos of Marilyn Jess (active pornstar since the 70s), rare records, sexy-vintage comics…in a nutshell…all that makes fetishism!


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