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Fetish or Fetishism - Exhibition

Exhibition Fetish or Fetishism in the Haus der Universität am Schadowplatz

In 2015, the exhibition Fetish or Fetishism took place in the Haus der Universität am Schadowplatz in Düsseldorf.

The exhibition was curated by three students from the Heinrich-Heine University in

Düsseldorf. Jasmin Hagedorn, Gesa Hüwe and Anna-Lena Rößner conceived and organised this exhibition independently as part of their master's degree in art history with a focus on art education in museums and the art trade.

On show are works by the four (former) art students of the Art Academy: Kathrin Edwards, Andreas Jonak, Marleen Müller and Georg Treitz.

Originally, the term fetishism is part of the natural religions of (West) Africa:

animism refers to the belief in beings such as spirits - also described as souls to whom special powers or supernatural qualities are attributed. Selected objects that are said to be inhabited by a particular spirit are

particular spirit are revered as sacred objects and are not intended

for everyday use: these are commonly referred to as fetishes.

Even a work of art is not (usually) intended for everyday use.

After the anniversary exhibition on the occasion of the Heinrich Heine University's 50th birthday, this is the second exhibition in the Haus der Universität to be implemented by students.


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