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Fetish on Instagram - Culture

The moment in which fetishism and art come together to create innovative elements that can attract social networks and daily explorers of the web, a new phenomenon is launched that is going crazy on the net.

Over the centuries, artists, writers, sculptors and painters have created the most precious and important works in the world, drawing inspiration from the sexuality aroused by a person, a context, an image or an object.

Even in today's reality, where everything is conveyed by new fast means of communication and social media, emerging artists express their personalities by creating something innovative, using means such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Among these creatives of our generation we find Pollen Misty, alias on the web @m.sty, who transforms from a textile artist into a real visionary, creating photographic shots on Instagram in which she portrays different compositions of objects, of everyday use, transforming them in precious elements to give life to fetishistic scenes.

The artist's photographic shots portray bare feet or wrapped in gloves, towels or threads resting on hair dryers, cans of peas, cans of tuna, alarm clocks, skeins of wool, melons, toilet paper and much more, as long as they are objects of common use, that any of us touch or use during the day.

Furthermore, these compositions can also only portray animals or objects, the important thing of all these artistic compositions is that they symbolize the sexuality of fetishism and more importantly that they symbolize a female foot on very high heels, a concept linked to the name of the hashtag created by the photographer.

In fact, feet and heels have always been the symbol of extreme female sensuality, which not only arouses a stir and news on social media, but which represent par excellence the element that triggers the impulses of all those who define themselves as foot lovers, i.e. those who adore having visual or tactile contact with female feet, as it is these elements that trigger the excitement of those suffering from this sexual and psychological pathology.

Scholars from all over the world have repeatedly defined fetishism as a sexual deviation linked to the blind admiration of a fetish or an object or a part of the body.

Regardless, however, of the intrinsic meaning of this word, fetishism is part of our society and this, Pollen Misty, immediately understood, which is why her hashtag "#heelconcept", in recent weeks, has been defined as one of the keywords more sought after on Instagram, precisely because today's society needs to be amazed and if this happens through art and sexuality, well, that's it.

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