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Fetish in fashion - Fashion

Fetish fashion is a fashion or style that includes an appearance in the form of a garment or accessory, produced with an extremist or provocative purpose. The fetish style of clothing is often made from materials such as leather, latex, rubber or plastic, nylon, PVC, and stainless steel. Some of these fetish icons include boots and stilettos (including ballet flats, panties, corsets, necklaces, jumpsuits, mini skirts, handcuffs, and other clothes and accessories.

Fetish fashion is often confused with disguise fashion. Fetish fashion has no specific origin. The use of corsets and skirts during the 1700s is said to have been the first sign of fetish fashion, as most of society did not have access to these types of items. However, other sources suggest that fetish fashion originated from the cultivation of leather suits worn by gay men in London, UK during World War II. During this period, homosexuals were seen as rejected by society. Subsequently, the attraction to the skin spread to the UK during the 1960s caused by the influence of rock musicians such as the Rolling Stones and the Who, as well as television actors such as Honor Blackman. And Diana Rigg in Bowler Hat and Leather Boots. Some stylists add some fetishistic elements to their designs or create products that are indirectly accepted by public marketing. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood are designers who have made a fair amount of BDSM-inspired clothing for the punk subculture. The combination of fashion and fetishism has existed for some time, but the red carpets of the Met Gala and the VMAs ceremony have strongly marked its return, starting with the appearance of Kim Kardashian wrapped from head to toe in a "T-shirt" of Balenciaga black cotton. Madonna loves this look too, as evidenced by the recent S&M maid leather outfit posted on Instagram. The singer, goddess of provocation, aficionado of the whip and hot clips that see lovers tied to the bars of the bed, has never given up on her style. From the book Sex, which had scandalized the Puritan America of the 90s, to her last work, Madame X ... We can then rightly ask ourselves about the reasons for this great comeback. "The re-emergence of fetish fashion is partly a reaction to isolation," Professor Andrew Groves, curator of Undercover, an exhibition that explores the use of surgical masks in public spaces during the pandemic, told The Guardian. If this is the reason, it is not surprising. For many months, governments have been dictating the rules, controlling our bodies and our every move. The pandemic and the obligation to wear a mask have likely increased tensions and the desire to indulge in new fantasies. A theory that naturally also involves the fashion scene. For several seasons now, stylists have been playing with BDSM aesthetics and pushing the boundaries. They explore gender and sexuality to achieve poetic as well as erotic looks. We can't help but think of Ludovic de Saint Sernin who, with his slip with eyelets, has managed to create a real obsession every season. Furthermore, Moschino at Jeremy Scott, without anyone expecting it, for the autumn winter 2018-2019 has given a 360 degree turn, abandoning its fluorescent looks for a dominatrix wardrobe in the right shape: leather hoods with zip, latex briefs, harnesses, leather mask and gloves, biker caps… All presented in a warehouse in Milan, with blaring techno music as the soundtrack. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Evan Mock have quickly married fetishwear, which was originally associated with sexual intimacy and fantasies ... Now this new attraction to BDSM - that is, BDSM sexual practices - perhaps represents a way to reaffirm your own freedom?

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