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Fetish by Alexa Makky - Film

Chainreaction Studio presents "Fetish," an independent film directed by gender-fluid director Alexa Makky. “Fetish” is an erotic drama film following the story of Oskar Pratz, a handsome, successful, and manipulative man with a strong fetish for nylons. At first, this seems like a Spanish version of "Fifty Shades of Grey." The story is similar (a young, beautiful woman falls for a wealthy, intense businessperson). At the movie's beginning, you would think you are watching just an adaptation. However, at some point, it becomes dark. It is like a train wreck that you know will end badly, yet you can't move your eyes from it. Alexa Makky engages and keeps her audience on the edge of their seats. The stylistic photography, color grading, tasteful editing choices, unique camera angles, and significant production value come together to deliver a gripping and profound feature film. Renowned casting director and academy member Manuel Teil commented: "Fetish is more than just an erotic drama because it makes people question many aspects of their relationships and realize how manipulation is only possible when someone wants to be manipulated. It is a true testament to the power of independent filmmaking." Renowned Argentine musician and producer Gabriel Mores commented "As the power to finance, produce and exhibit films consolidates under the control of gigantic streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, making independent films has become more challenging and riskier. That’s why finding an excellent independent film is undoubtedly a rare event in this day and age." At the end of the screening that took place in a private cinema of a luxury condominium in the Sunny Isles Beach corridor, Alexa Makky, also known as Joaquin Rodriguez, clarified that she is not transgender and explained that gender can be a complex subject as people are defining themselves in new and different ways. Alexa Makky commented: “Different gender expressions are more accepted as society gains a deeper understanding of identities and energies. Directing and releasing the film as Alexa Makky is my way to show that adding value to society with your knowledge, craft, skills, or career could be a great way to normalize our expressions that ultimately make our world diverse and fascinating.”

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