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Fernando Berlin - Boots Designer

In 2009 Ferdinand Tiffer founded Fernando Berlin.

The fashion startup for exclusive made to measures leather boots and quickly made fans was not nearly as straight as a stiletto heels on a Fernando Boots.

Ferdinand finds perfectly fitting leather boots on women's legs more attractive than his studies and decides the obvious, he stardes his own label.

In Portugal he founds ideal conditions for building his production.

The Portuguese have a long tradition in the leather and shoes making trade and enjoy a good reputation in the field of premium shoes worldwide.

This doesn't only apply to women: once, the boots, even in the thigh-high version, was reserved for the man, for protecting and warming his leg. That's why Fernando Berlin offers all models up to size 47.

Today you can find Ferdinand in his showroom in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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