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It’s kind of a weird thing to talk about since a lot of people might think that fetishes are something you might want to keep to yourself and not share with the world. But when a director starts allowing their fetish to be known in their movies and uses it as a plot device then it becomes public and those that tend to notice it might pick up on the fact after a while since it’s hard not to see. Some fetishes aren’t that obvious and might pass by a lot of people without being noticed, but others are pretty easy to spot and while they’re not so odd that a person might be called out for them, there are plenty of people that are willing to comment on it since they figure it might be something that people are willing to sit and discuss. They’re not wrong obviously since some people will talk about fetishes for hours on end, especially if they can relate to someone else and find common ground with them. But usually, fetishes are something that people want to keep hidden since it’s a personal pleasure or even obsession that they don’t want others knowing about.

James Cameron – tall, lanky figures

Obviously, this isn’t noticeable in every movie that Cameron has made, but if a person were to watch some of his most famous movies then they would see that he does tend to favor the tall and lanky form that makes it into his movies and his life, aka his ex Kathryn Bigelow and even his current wife. The guy has a type without any doubt and that interest has made a pretty big appearance when it comes to the Avatar movie that will have a couple of sequels coming out in the years ahead. This is probably one of the least weird fetishes out there since it masquerades as more of an interest in a certain body type.

Guillermo Del Toro – clockwork

This is something that was pretty easy to notice in the Hellboy movies since the first one had a mechanical assassin that had to wind himself up just to get going, while the second movie had an entire army of clockwork soldier that ran on their own steam so long as the crown that controlled them was held by a worthy individual. But this isn’t exactly a weird fetish since it’s something that interests quite a few people given that the inner workings of many clockwork devices are pretty fascinating and even mystifying to several folks since the design and ingenuity are hard to get around.

Michael Bay – big lips

This one almost sounds like it would be too incredibly sexist to talk about without people having something to say, but this is apparently Bay’s big deal in his movies since big lips are something he looks for in his actresses. One might notice that the inclusion of Megan Fox for a couple of movies filled this role, then the emergence of another actress with even bigger lips in the third movie kept that tradition going since it would have appeared that the character of Sam Witwicky had a definite type when in truth it was Michael Bay the whole time. Yeah, it’s kind of an odd fetish, but not too hard to understand.

Alfred Hitchcock – blondes

The funny thing about this is that Hitchcock was married to a brunette, which makes this feel like a dirty secret of sorts that he wanted to express on the screen since he couldn’t have it anywhere else. That’s an odd way to put it and probably something that would get a person called out for being a misogynist in some crowds, but it’s hard to deny that this is pretty noticeable in his movies. There’s bound to be another explanation that people could come up with for his ability to find a light-haired actress to star in his movies, but it’s not certain whether people would believe it or not.

Quentin Tarantino – feet

Tarantino doesn’t even take pains to hide this since he’s pretty upfront about his desire to film feet since one can see this in just about every movie. There will be some close-up shot with a person’s feet for one reason or another and it will feel a bit odd or awkward, but for some reason, people accept this and just keep moving on as they continue to enjoy the movie. But when one thinks about all the abuse that feet take and that a lot of people don’t keep their feet that great looking it’s easy to think that he has to spend a pretty good amount of time on finding just the right feet to picture in his movies.

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