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David Lachapelle - Photographer

David Lachapelle was born in Fairfield on 11 March 1963, he is active in the fields of fashion and photography. Known for his surrealism, he is considered to be one of the most intuitive photographers of all time.

His professional career began in the 1980s by collaborating with some galleries: his first exhibition was held in 1984 at Gallery 303 in New York. Shortly after, David LaChapelle agreed to collaborate with the magazine “Interview”, a magazine founded by Andy Warhol.

Thus David LaChapelle's first opportunity came from a great artist and talent scout who opened the main door to a new universe to be discovered: publishing. During his career, LaChapelle has shot covers and special features for magazines such as "Vanity Fair", "GQ", "Vogue", "The Face", "Arena Homme", "Rolling Stones" and collaborated with companies such as Tommy Hilfiger , Condé Nast, Nokia, L'Oréal, H&M, Burger King and Diesel.

LaChapelle is not the photographer of the stolen shot, he is not the artist who lives with a camera around his neck waiting for an extraordinary event to be immortalized, he is not the reporter who risks his life to give the moment before something that will change the world. He is simply a seismograph of his time who makes concepts and considerations evident through shots conceived as if they were large paintings.

In many of his works, the approach is more like a traditional painter than a photographer. He does not wait for the special moment, but invents or plans it, perhaps blocking intuition with the drawing or painting a draft with watercolors. So he creates his own very personal set with the scenarios that he has very clear in mind trying to create something exclusive, that is to photograph what rationally would not be considered photographable.

Behind the images of him hides a whiplash to American society with its contradictions, fictions and narcissisms up to the destruction of itself.

Then there are sexual obsessions and excesses, sadism and fetishism of famous porn stars who have been the subject of his photographs for a long time.

Many stars have been proud to be photographed in his particular works and criticized many times, such as: Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Gisele Bundchen, but his true muse is Amanda Lepore.

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