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Cuckolding - Culture

How many times have you heard of cuckolds and people who practice this type of sexual experience?

Certainly many times but, in your mind, a woodworm could sneak up: what exactly are we talking about when we refer to cuckoldism?

As you well know, the practice consists in the fact that the male of the couple gets excited by seeing his wife having sexual intercourse with another man.

The husband, boyfriend, companion or whatever role the man assumes within the couple, experiences emotions that are indescribable but all very exciting, just seeing the wife who gives herself, carnally, to another man.

It is therefore an assisted betrayal: the man who enters the world of cuckoldism doesn't feel any kind of jealousy towards the one who has a sexual relationship with his woman but, on the contrary, manages to experience incredible sexual emotions that are often vent with masturbation right in front of the couple formed by the woman and her lover.

The cuckold, understood as the passive subject of this triangular relationship, can experience his condition as a form of humiliation, which brings this relationship closer to the domination-submission relationships typical of BDSM, in which his partner takes on the psychological aspect of a real mistress.

The origin of cuckolding

This practice, which for many people could be new, has its origins in times that appear to be remote: to be able to understand it we have to go back in time, reaching the eighth century BC and we have to move to Asia Minor.

In this historical period, King Candaule ruled, from which the original name of the practice derives, namely candaulism.

The monarch was a vain person who boasted of the beauty of his woman, or rather of the Queen, and this greatly annoyed the guards, especially Gyges, or the King's bodyguard.

In fact, he was provoked by the King who told him about his wife's beauty: in order to prove it to him, the bodyguard was offered to see the woman completely naked.

Gyges, however, didn't want to disobey the king and above all he didn't want to humiliate the queen, but also that the monarch had an exceptional idea: he had the guard hidden in the bedroom which, thanks to the dark, did not allow the Queen to distinguish the guard from her husband.

It is not clear whether the two had a sexual relationship, but it is known that the Queen immediately noticed the exchange and in revenge, had her husband killed by the guard: he then took his place as monarch and was able to enjoy the beauty of the Queen, while the creator of this practice obviously passed away.

This is the origin of a phenomenon which, nowadays, is very popular and above all manages to excite young couples more.

How exactly does this practice work?

By cuckoldism we mean a cheating supported. It is usually the man who derives pleasure from seeing his woman who engages in sexual acts with other men, especially if they are supergifted and of color.

This particular practice has a very simple way in terms of mechanisms: it is generally the man who takes on the role of voyeur and who gets turned on by seeing his woman while she is having sex with another man.

Convincing women could be a huge problem for many people, who may not be able to create the ideal situation to be able to practice this type of relationship.

For this reason, the partner who will observe half of her while she is in bed with another person, allows the partner to be able to choose with whom to have sexual intercourse.

This condition tends to unblock any inhibitory brake that could be present in the mind of those who must have sexual intercourse: this act is therefore no longer seen as a betrayal, but rather as a simple favor that one decides to do to the partner, in a way such that his excitement can reach peaks never seen on other occasions.

This is therefore the right key: to let the partner choose who to have sexual intercourse with.

How to find the ideal Bull

The ideal traitor, called in jargon Bull, the one who will consummate the sexual relationship, can be found very easily online.

Another simpler - and sometimes more exciting - way consists in involving a person you know and who has a soft spot for the one who has to consummate the act: perhaps a friend of the husband who finds the woman very attractive, or an ex-boyfriend still in love.

In short, the choice can fall on any figure: as mentioned before it is better for the woman to choose the one with whom she will have to carry out this practice, which will make the situation much less embarrassing than expected.

What does the observer do

The observer, i.e. the cuckold, does not perform any type of act: for him, or her depending on the occasion, it will be like watching a porn film.

Being able to hear the enjoying partner, discovering new sexual practices and above all discovering which are some of the erogenous points of the person who consumes the sexual act, are all information that could be appreciated by the person observing the scene in the first position.

Furthermore, as anticipated before, the sexual drive could reach such peaks as to involve masturbation by the one or the one who observes, very carefully, the sexual act performed by the partner.

One thing that will never be done during and after the practice are scenes of jealousy: it is a betrayal witnessed and wanted by someone who has pushed their partner into the hands of another person.

Furthermore, the observer never interacts with the partner who is having sexual intercourse unless called upon by the same, but in a role that remains one of absolute submission. Often the "cuckold" likes to clean his partner after sexual intercourse with the bull, a practice called creampie or cleanup, or even perform fellatio on the bull himself to savor his partner's moods.

What happens with cuckoldism

There is something mysterious about cuckoldism that could be seen as inexplicable: the partner who witnessed the scene and who enjoyed seeing his wife or husband have sexual intercourse with the other person, when will he consume the act with the partner will be more sexually charged.

What does this mean?  Cuckoldism can also be interpreted as a moment of challenge and game in which a person wants to test himself: making his partner enjoy more than that person who has had a relationship with her is one of the objectives that those who have observed it wants to achieve, particularly if practiced with black men, who embody in the cuckold's imagination the concept of virility, sexual and above all savage power that they are unable to grant to their partner.

This is to make the partner understand that people like him or her are nowhere to be found and that only those who have watched are capable of making the partner feel strong emotions.

This is the real mechanism of cuckoldism: being able to enjoy initially and being able to discover new and erogenous points of the partner, as well as showing one's sexual drive, are all elements that revolve around cuckoldism, which has become increasingly practiced precisely for these reasons .

Male and female cuckoldism: two worlds compared

Before talking about why it is exciting to carry out this practice, we must also talk about the differences between the male and female versions of this practice.

Generally, the males who practice cuckoldism and observe their partner enjoying themselves are people who have a submissive behavior: their pleasure comes from being able to see their woman enjoy so much and being able to see and hear her in that state, experiencing her excitement on the own skin.

It is a simple phenomenon to understand: in fact, a sort of mental connection is born where the male who looks takes the place of the man who is having sex with her.

The pleasure of the woman is felt on her own skin and this leads, very often, the man who observes to touch himself while cuckoldism is being practiced.

The situation for women is different: in this case we are talking about women who are no longer submissive, slaves, who feel a mix of excitement and jealousy at the same time, but active and dominant in the game: the so-called femdom or mistress.

There is no suffering in seeing and hearing your man who enjoys and makes another woman moan with pleasure, it turns into a sexual charge and a great desire to participate, which increases thanks to the fact that she is the dominatrix.

It is therefore a very simple mechanism to understand and above all it will be possible to see how these differences make male and female cuckoldism like two parallel universes that have a single purpose, namely that of experiencing intense and truly pleasant emotions.

What motivates you to try this practice

Curiosity and above all the desire to try new sensations: these are the reasons that can push you to face this type of practice.

In fact, it must be emphasized that, thanks to it, it will be much more pleasant to try this particular type of sexual relationship which, actually, turns out to be different from the others.

We also add that, when we talk about cuckoldism, we are talking about an almost unnatural pleasure: seeing your partner who is in bed with another person triggers different types of reactions in the mind of those who love playing this sexual game, which differs between men and women.

A cuckold relationship is recommended for those who want to experience that feeling of helplessness mixed with excitement. Hearing your partner moaning a lot while in bed with another person, but not being able to do anything to stop it, mixes these particular sensations together which makes the practice itself unique.

If you then want to be sure that the desire to have sexual intercourse with your partner becomes really high, then you can practice cuckoldism, which will reawaken that wild instinct which consists in wanting to make your partner enjoy experience those sensations with him or her.


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