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Conan Horde - Leather Designer

Studs, leather, metals.

From creative Moscow comes the story of Aleksander and Anastasia, husband and wife, who want to feel "individuals" with their clothing.

Together they founded the Conan Horde brand.

They are dresses inspired by retrofuturism, life after a global catastrophe and gladiator warriors.

Aleksander and Anastasia started the brand in Moscow around the 2000s with a niche market and it became famous about 5 years ago for the general public.

They are clothes mainly for parties and festivals, and if you wear them in ordinary life you need to have enough courage, because they are very particular and will attract a lot of attention. Often these looks are taken for fashion photo shoots and movies. When Aleksander creates them he imagines they are worthy of appearing on the red carpet.

As materials, mainly leather and metal are used.

Ghostwriter: Dark side of Barbie

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