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Chinese sex toys - Culture

There is a sector of Chinese industry that knows no crisis and which, during the Covid-19 epidemic, actually took advantage of the lockdowns that locked billions of people at home around the world: that of sex toys. According to the South China Morning Post, exports grew by 50 percent, with sex dolls in particular seeing exports double. That of sex dolls to Italy has even increased fivefold. After the epidemic exploded from the city of Wuhan, Chinese industries closed their doors in February, to gradually reopen in March. The export data relating to the months of January and February suffered a drop of 17.2 percent, an unheard-of drop in the last thirty years.

When activities resumed, the industries that produce sex toys found themselves full of orders. One producer in Shandong, for example, reported a 30 percent increase in exports in February. Libo Technology was forced to increase work shifts and work tirelessly to fulfill orders. France, the United States and Italy in the last four months, according to Violet Du of Libo, the most profitable markets for the Shandong producer. Instead, as normalcy returned to China, sales slowed. Aibei of Dongguan, which produces sex dolls, had to hire staff and was also forced to reject the order because it was unable to fulfill all of them. United States and Europe, the main markets. Sales have grown by more than 50 percent, for a manufacturer who can make two thousand dolls a month. A capacity that is far removed from the demand that comes from the US and the EU.

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