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Barbie feet - Movie

While it doesn't reveal much about the film's plot, the new Barbie trailer did show off a certain part of Margot Robbie's body and fans went into raptures. At the beginning of the trailer, viewers are shown a close-up of the actress' feet as she slips off a pair of fluffy pink heels. However, instead of putting her foot down as you normally would, Robbie's Barbie stands on her toes, just like iconic Mattel dolls.

Viewers immediately took to social media to praise the choice of shot. It didn't take long before the frame became a meme. Many have compared it to Tarantino's cinema, and to his well-known passion for shots with feet, and the juxtaposition between the two universes was almost immediate!

Even the famous model and actress Chrissy Teigen praised the Barbie scene on Twitter: "I need to know more about this shot. How many takes did it take, if she was holding onto something, was she harnessed, was the mark where to put her foot sticky, if it's her real feet, who did the pedicure, I just need a documentary about this shot." .

“This was the most ingenious shot she has ever seen,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “I haven't gasped for a single frame since 2004,” someone else writes.

Credits image: from web


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